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Your weekly playbook about the inner game of building a business. Making business owners happier, happier and richer. Hosted by Brandon White

Jan 29, 2021

I did thirty days of Facebook Live to see what would happen with our Facebook page and how it would effect our social media marketing.

Listen in to learn the lessons I learned and how you can use them to improve your social media marketing and ultimately gain more customers and make more money for your business.

If you...

Jan 27, 2021

Your mind avoids pain at all costs, it's built into us from evolution. We're programmed to conserve energy at all costs and as Entrepreneurs aiming to change the world this can work against us sometimes.

In order to override the pre-programming we Entrepreneurs need to create mindset habits that over ride these signals...

Jan 25, 2021

I've written a lot of business plans for my own businesses and reviewed a lot of business plans in my days as an angel investor and venture capitalist.

I put together 5 common business plan mistakes you want to avoid.

Fall into the trap and make these mistakes and you risk losing time, market share and money.

If you...

Jan 22, 2021

Now and again we hear people talking about how important sleep is for our health and mental state. But...

Often that sound advice is overshadowed by the marketing messages from so called "entrepreneurs" talking about how they only sleep 4hrs and are outworking everyone. Huh?

I've studied sleep by reading real science...

Jan 22, 2021

The results from my 360 evaluation are in.

Gia joins me to go over the feedback I received from all my team members. We asked everyone I work with three things:

  1. Four words to describe me.
  2. What I'm doing well.
  3. What I can improve on.

Gia explains what software she used to implement the evaluation, collect results and...