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This Podcast is about sharing the journey of actually parenting gifted kids and connecting with advice and support so we have everything we need for every member of our family to thrive.

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Jul 5, 2023

In this episode, we’re talking to the vibrant and dynamic Dr. Victoria Waller about how to use creativity and a gifted child's interests to work on learning differences or practice executive function skills. An episode full of great ideas.

You can find Dr. Waller's ebook “If you can Dream it, You can do it!’ here.

Memorable quote… “

“So any parent that thinks, but I'm not creative, forget it. I've never met a child that can't build something.” - Dr. Victoria Waller

“Every child wants to learn and it's hard for them, some of them, and it looks like they don't want to, but they do want to. I think the children with differences are geniuses of our time.” - Dr. Victoria Waller


For over 40 years, Dr Victoria Waller has been a reading specialist and educational therapist. She helps children ages 5-11 who have trouble reading and writing, can't sit still in class, don't feel like they can participate—children whom teachers have all but given up on.

Her book, Yes! Your Child Can - Creating Success for Children with Learning Differences, is #4 in Amazon’s New Releases in Children’s Learning Disorders. Every child can succeed in school and life, but some children need more help than others. She is here to help.

Dr Waller holds a B.S in Education from Wayne State University, an M.Ed., is a certified reading specialist, and an Ed.D. focusing on reading and learning differences from the University of Cincinnati. 

She has been awarded the University of Cincinnati’s Distinguished Alumna College of Education Award, was one of three finalists for the L.A. Music Center’s Bravo Award for Outstanding Teaching.

Her articles on creative reading and writing projects for children have been widely viewed on U.C.L.A.’s Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior website, and the award-winning She speaks about learning differences in children to many groups all over the United States.

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