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Our Gifted Kids Podcast

Welcome to Our Gifted Kids Podcast - a hub for all things gifted.

This Podcast is about sharing the journey of actually parenting gifted kids and connecting with advice and support so we have everything we need for every member of our family to thrive.

If you’d like to be a part of this conversation and share your experience, where ever you’re at in the journey, or maybe you’re someone who works with gifted kids and would like to share your work or services -  send me a message on our contact page because this is all about building community!

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Oct 28, 2021

Lynda, Principal of Dara School, maths & science teacher, (previously nurse & midwife!) joins us to talk about the impact of rules and regulations on opening a school for gifted kids (a topic she has just finished researching for her Phd building on her vast experience and masters of gifted ed) and you'll be surprised...

Oct 27, 2021

Today’s Gifted Talented & Neurodiversity Awareness Week guest has more than 35 years of experience in education and giftedness, is an author, formerly the CEO of Potential Plus UK, currently a trustee of Potential Trust UK and MBE recipient(!). Denise talks to us about high potential, hidden potential, mental health...

Oct 26, 2021

Gifted Talented Neurodiversity Awareness Week wouldn't be the same without talking about #actuallygifted Adults. Heather and our host, Sophia Elliott, talk about being a gifted adult, being identified as a child or as an adult (as gifted & Neuro-diverse) and the highs and lows of those journeys!

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Oct 25, 2021

We dive into home-schooling (& maths!) with GHF's (Gifted Home schoolers Forum) president (and founder of Mr Gelston's One Room School House), Barry Gelston, as a part of our 5 PODCASTS over 5 DAYS for Gifted Talented Neurodiversity Awareness Week! Woo!

Barry teaches gifted & 2e students maths so we didn't miss...

Oct 24, 2021

What’s on in Gifted Talented & Neurodiverse Awareness Week?

It is Gifted Talented & Neurodiversity Awareness Week! In this episode we talk about all the FREE events brought to you by The G Word and Our Gifted Kids, as well as heaps of partners.

Check out our 5 PODCASTS over 5 DAYS for GTN Awareness Week and all the