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Fashion Crimes Podcast

Aug 27, 2020

(Please) Don’t invite Nolan to your Zoom wedding!

Holly and Nolan unpack the latest in wedding fashion trends, discussing how dress codes have changed with the rise of the Zoom wedding and of course the weddings themselves! We yell at you and each other about some of the following subjects below as we get in a deep...

Aug 19, 2020

Join Holly and Nolan as they sit down with Fashion Stylist, lifestyle influencer, and international fashion writer, Soneca Guadara.

Soneca boards the #hotmessexpress to discuss her fashion do’s and don’ts, her favorite pieces in her wardrobe, and the most heinous fashion crimes she’s witnessed! She's bilingual,...

Aug 10, 2020

Join Holly and Nolan as they share their favorite fashion stories... from how they met and became fashion's odd couple, to fashion week memories, their craziest antics and why one should never drink and shop. 

We unpack the fashion crimes we see can't unsee and how to avoid them. The designers we love and some of our...