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Fashion Crimes Podcast

Jun 20, 2024

Welcome Back, Fashion Besties!

How’s your week been? Have you been keeping up with all our fabulous episodes?

Today, we have a very special guest returning to the show. You loved him on Episode 89, “How to Pose in Photos,” and now he’s back for more! Please welcome back Andrew Werner, the fashion...

Jun 14, 2024


You've got a front-row seat!

This milestone 200th exclusive episode is an in-person interview with Stacy Smallwood, available on our YouTube channel!

Make sure you watch to see her favorite picks, style tips and wardrobe advice, especially for you, fashion besties. 

On the 200th episode of the Fashion Crimes...

Jun 6, 2024

Welcome back, Fashion Besties! We're thrilled to present Episode 199 of the Fashion Crimes Podcast, where we are gearing up for a grand celebration of our upcoming 200th episode!


Your favorite personal stylist, Holly Katz, recently embarked on an exciting fashion journey where she met up with some of the most fabulous...

May 30, 2024

Happy Post Memorial Day, Fashion Besties!

Whether you celebrated in style or stayed cozy in your pajamas, I hope you had a fabulous time. Special thanks and snaps to everyone in the Armed Forces for their incredible service.

This week, we’re jumping from the high dive into our Top Swimsuit Picks for 2024. Get

May 23, 2024

What is up, Fashion Besties! Holly Katz, your favorite personal stylist for women over 40—and we mean, way over 40—is back with another fabulous episode of the Fashion Crimes Podcast.


This week, we're charging into the chaotic world of office dress codes as many of us have returned to "Back to Work in...