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Fashion Crimes Podcast

May 20, 2022

It’s here: “Best-Dressed Wedding Guest, Part 2!” Because our original episode “Best-Dressed Wedding Guest, Part 1,” has gotten the most downloads of any episode EVER!  

So, we are back to giving you even MORE insider information about how to be the best dressed at your next wedding event.  

(P.S. If you miss the memo on Part 1, please go back to Episode 84. You won't be sorry!) 

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Ok, to start: 

Regardless of what type of wedding you attend, let's just start off by repeating the mantra that Holly uses daily with clients:  

“It never hurts to be the best looking one in the room.” 

Let's say it together now this way: “It never hurts to be the best looking one in the room by being the best dressed one in that room.”

First, let's go over the foundation of getting yourself together for such an occasion. Details include the following: the dress, shoes, makeup, hair, nails, jewelry, handbag, and a zhush. 

As always, before we start on the details, in order to help you with the visuals, please jump over to Holly’s Pinterest to see this episode’s featured recommendations. 

The DRESS.  

The 3 Things You Need to Shop For: 

  • The Cut: which can also mean the silhouette of the dress or the shape of the dress. This is the first thing the very first, and we mean the Number One thing, that you look for when buying a dress. You're not shopping for price. And you're not shopping for color. You are shopping for fit first, which means you know your body type, and you know what type of dress shape you are looking for.  
  • The Fabric: If you are not in a store touching the fabric, then you need to read the product details and reviews on the website. It is best if you can feel the fabric to know if it has the right drape, stretch, and construction for your body type. 
  • The Length: Micro Mini, Mini, Midi, and Maxi. Please dress for your age and cover your ass. Thank You! (See a graphic design of what I mean exactly about dress length here.)  


A wedding is a special event. Wear something special. Not flats. Not tennis shoes. Not even kitten heels. You need to suck it up and suffer and wear nice a high heel. Heels come in all varieties, so you CAN find an elegant, elevated heel that is bearable for a few hours.  

Try a fancy wedge heel, or a fun block heel. There are options.  

However, do not ruin your best shoes for any event. If you are at an outdoor wedding (not Holly’s favorite venue), then find a shoe that won’t be ruined if you get stuck in the mud. Plan and shop based on the wedding venue.   

Brands We Love: 

  • Vince Camuto 
  • Nine West
  • Sam Edelman 
  • Valentino
  • Manolo Blahnik 


Every woman should have three bags:   

  • A Boss Bitch Bag (something that you can fit your laptop in for work and carry to work).  
  • A medium-sized bag (not some grandma bag with a ton of pockets), that is something sleek and chic and current.  
  • A clutch bag you know, obviously is slimmer and smaller, that might have a chain or not.   

Do not bring a medium size bag to a wedding. Do not bring your everyday bag to a wedding. Don't do it. Get your ass a clutch bag. Something fancy. We don't care if it's $12 or $1,200, you can find a perfectly acceptable small bag anywhere that will be dressier for nighttime.  



Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize. This is the way to bring your outfit up to that ‘dressed-up’ or ‘best-dressed” level. Get some fabulous statement earrings. Clean up your nice stuff so it sparkles. Mix metals! Mix your costume with your real.   

But please. Please. Please do not wear your Apple Watch to a wedding. If you do, fashion alarms will be sounded, and you will be pointed out in humiliation. This is a #FASHIONCRIME. I will hunt you down and find you.

Jewelry Brands We Love: 

Julie Lamb New York 

Amanda Pearl 


A ‘zhuzh’ is something that adds that one last level of ‘bling’ or ‘zing’ or ‘ta-dah’ moment. This can be your jewelry, a pashmina, your handbag, or your nail polish.  However, it better not ever, ever be a puffer coat over your wedding outfit.  

You have been warned.  

Okay, that’s the secret!  Make sure you wear enough to make it look special. And make your outfit look dressy and not for every day. That's the key to wearing something special: it’s something that you don't wear every day.  

Try to look stand out! You be the judge of what's best for you. Holly is just here to light a little fire under your boots. Do something different. The truth: Less is less. More is more.

We want you to be the best dress wedding guest! And guess what? You're gonna be, mkay, because we put that in the universe for you. You are welcome!  

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