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Fashion Crimes Podcast

Feb 9, 2024

Welcome, welcome, welcome to the most fabulous, fashion-forward, and fantastically funny episode of the Fashion Crimes Podcast yet - Episode 182: The Grammy Fashion Report 2024!  Watch AND listen at the same time on our YouTube Channel where you can watch the video of the interview and feel like you were right in the room with them. This, you won't want to miss. #serioulsy


Your fashion fairy godmother, Holly Katz, and her BFF life-long summer camp bunk mate - and master of podcasting - Jessica Kupferman, CEO of ShePodcasts, are here to dish out the latest and greatest from the Grammy Awards red carpet.

Get ready for a rollercoaster ride of style highs and lows, where no outfit is safe from our sassy commentary and keen fashion insights.

Whether it's a fashion faux pas that has us gasping for air or a stunning ensemble that leaves us in awe, we've got it all covered.

So, buckle up, fashionistas, for an episode packed with laughs, gasps, and maybe even a few fashion tips along the way!

Be sure to follow along on Holly’s PINTEREST board made just for you where you can see all the stars we discussed!





The Best Dressed Stars of the Night


A rundown of the top looks that stole the show from breathtaking gowns to suave suits, find out who made our best-dressed list and why their fashion choices set them apart from the crowd.


Fashion Fails: The Night's Biggest Missteps


No holds barred here! We're talking about the outfits that had us wondering, "What were they thinking?" Get ready for some light-hearted roasting and learn what not to do when it comes to red-carpet glam.


Trend Spotting at the Grammys


Identifying the key fashion trends that emerged on the red carpet, from color trends and fabric choices to accessory must-haves, we'll break down the styles set to dominate the fashion scene.


Holly & Jessica's Fashion Face-Offs


Witness as Holly and Jessica go head-to-head over divisive outfits. Whose fashion sense will reign supreme? It's a playful battle of opinions that you won't want to miss.


Celebrity Style Evolutions


A look back at how some of the night's biggest stars have evolved fashion-wise over the years. Who's improved and who's still finding their way? It's a deep dive into the fashion journeys of your favorite celebs.


Behind-the-Scenes Fashion Secrets


Ever wonder what goes into creating those jaw-dropping Grammy looks? We'll share some insider secrets on how celebrities get red carpet-ready, from last-minute fittings to styling tricks.


Listener Questions & Comments


Holly and Jessica answer burning fashion questions from listeners. Get insights, advice, and a few laughs as our hosts tackle everything from personal style dilemmas to celebrity fashion choices.




That's a wrap on Episode 182 of the Fashion Crimes Podcast - your ultimate guide to the Grammy Fashion Report 2024!


We laughed, we cried (over some of those fashion fails), and we celebrated the undeniable power of personal style.


Remember, fashion is all about self-expression, so whether you're walking a red carpet or strutting down the street, wear what makes you feel fabulous.


A huge thank you to our fashion-forward listeners abd Jessica Kupferman for joining us on this stylish journey, even though she was asleep during the red-carpet part. 

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