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Fashion Crimes Podcast

Jun 4, 2021

Holly and Nolan recap their adventures in New York City where they break down the shopping, the purchases, where they went, and who's doorstep they darkened. They express their Covid related frustrations about timed sample sales, (rude), store closures,(super sad yet annoying), odd hours of operations at stores,(SUPER RUDE), and lack of bathroom availability in NYC.  SOOOOOO RUUUDDEEEE.

A few celebrities were spotted during their dinner one night (Sarah Jessica Parker and Nicole Richie!), and Nolan debates whether or not to buy a $300 bottle of perfume he’s had his eye on for years! Finally, stick around for this week’s biggest fashion crimes and hear what Holly and Nolan are planning for their next NYC adventure.

In This Episode:

  • [08:26] Holly and Nolan’s adventures in New York City.
  • [15:52] The frustrations towards sample sales and the pressure Holly feels shopping at these timed sample sales.
  • [21:30] Celebrity sightings! Who they encounter in NYC. 
  • [28:09] Nolan gained a lot of experience in the high jewelry world.
  • [33:10] Holly and Nolan’s biggest fashion crimes they witnessed in this episode. 
  • [37:03] How Michael Kors and Nolan are connected. 
  • [39:40] Planning for their next trip to New York.

Key Takeaways:

  • Holly and Nolan take on New York City! They’re diving into their time there and telling us where they shopped and what they did.
  • Covid has shifted the experience of shopping at retail stores in NYC and the surprising sparsity of access to bathrooms.
  • Which celebrities Holly and Nolan spotted on their adventures.
  • This week’s biggest fashion crimes - spoiler alert, Holly spotted one in a gas station in South Carolina. Surprising?
  • How Holly and Nolan are approaching their next trip to NYC.


  • “I said, “don't look, Sarah Jessica Parker, Andy Cohen, and Matthew Broderick are behind us.” And wouldn't you know, she (Holly) whips around like we are at f*cking Disney world” - Nolan
  • “I just bought the perfume. I've wanted for two and a half years like you have no idea. I'm so excited, it was like I just won an Oscar.” - Nolan
  •  “No, I don't want that suit. Cause I'm sure it comes with a drinking problem that can only be solved with Johnny Walker and a lot of tax evasion.” - Nolan