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Fashion Crimes Podcast

Jan 7, 2022

In case you missed the memo: It's cold as ______ (you fill in the blank) in most parts of the country right about now, and if you are like us, you are digging into the back of your closet, looking for ANYTHING warm to wear. 

Lucky for you, our very best fairy gaymother and Gal-About-Town, NOLAN MEADER, is back on this week's podcast to share his professional insights on #WinterCoats: what to wear, what will actually keep you warm, and how not to break the bank!


Don't you dare put a ski parka on over that dress! We don't care how freaking cold you are. And even though #PufferCoats are all the rage - because they are super warm, duh! - not all styles are for every body, or for every budget.

We are SO GRATEFUL that Nolan has taken the time out of his very busy schedule to talk to us today. Holly has a very important topic to discuss, and we need his expertise!

Inquiring minds want to know (a.k.a. some of her clients and her besties): How to Buy a Winter Coat.  And who better than someone with a coat problem (not a "coke" problem, btw) to talk about how to buy a coat. Naturally, that is NOLAN!

"Coat problem or Coke problem?  Uhm, one is better for your health, but honestly, they are equally expensive. They are both a problem?

- NOLAN MEADER, coat addict

#Facts: Coats are an investment. They make a statement. But, they need to be practical so you don't freeze to death. There is ALOT to consider, so don't be swayed by fast fashion and cheap fads.

See Holly’s winter coat recommendations HERE!


  1. The Puffer Coat
  2. The Trench Coat
  3. The Dress Coat
  4. The Midi Coat
  5. The Leather Jacket or The Moto Jacket

During ‘official coat season,” events and the weather dictate the appropriate item to wear. Ski jackets are for skiing. Trench coats are for rainy days, puffers are for cold weather, and leather jackets are THE BOMB all year round. 

So, do you really need 5 different coats? Yes. You do.


All the rage, they are super trendy right now – but, they can be super expensive! Also, do you need to have a mattress tied around the middle of your waist? Not a great look for every body, except a supermodel. 

Pick a length, the amount of “puff” and the price before investing in the latest fad fashion coat. 

Brands recommended:

Canadian Goose vs. Moncler

Nolan has A LOT to say about these two high-end brands. Note: both are designed for cold weather. Like CANADA WEATHER and SKIING IN SWITZERLAND weather. Most people purchase one of these items ONCE in their lifetime. 

So, is this the winter coat for you? Do you live in Atlanta? Don’t get caught up in the hype of $1,000+ coat brands if your lifestyle doesn’t fit.  Plus, like all fads, the super expensive Canadian Goose is falling out of fashion for the tried-and-true luxury brand Moncler these days. So if you bought the expensive Goose for the brand name, you are now out of fashion. Do not follow fads. 


OK, so BURBERRY is the standard for trench coats. And, they are expensive. But, they are made to withstand crappy, rainy weather, and for that quality, they cost more. You will have a trench coat like this your entire life. So if you have the opportunity, it is a wise investment.

Not a wise investment? A trench coat that is not waterproof. DUH.

Brands recommended:


This is a NON-NEGOSH. If you are an adult you need a dress coat. And not one that you've been wearing for 15 years that is covered in cat hair. A long coat that sits just below the knee made from a wool blend will keep you warm and stylish throughout even the chilliest of seasons.

Brands and styles recommended:



This is sometimes called a “car coat” for both men and women. It is a dressy, finger tip-length coat that goes well over jeans and casual outfits. Paired with a turtleneck, jeans and even tennis shoes, this coat can take you a style step to be fun and fancy. You will look dressed up without effort or expense.

Brand recommended:


We are not gonna lie. Holly has a problem when it comes to a leather jacket. And we aren’t even going to be mad about that, because a leather jacket – a moto jacket – can LITERALLY go with anything in any season.

THIS you can wear over your dress. You can wear with jeans, or dress pants. You can wear with a maxi skirt. You can wear any season. You can wear day or night. 

So, Holly gives you permission to own as many as you like….

Brands recommended: 

Ok. But back to Nolan – because he is our special guest. Nolan has a coat problem. We have established this already. But he knows the value of a good coat: it dresses you up, it keeps you warm, you can accessories a coat (more shopping!) and at the end of the day, you can resell a quality coat, trade with your bestie or let it rest in your closet until another season. 

Nolan’s Recommendations for Men:

Even though it’s bougie and douchey, a hoodie with a really nice men’s wool dress coat is THE BOMB. Just please don’t wear Golden Goose tennis shoes with this ensemble.  

  • Add a vintage or designer brooch to your heavy winter dress coat. Nothing says fancy like a Chanel brooch, and we are obsessed. 
  • If you buy a trench coat, make sure it is WATERPROOF, for the love of God.
  • And don’t dismiss a good men’s bomber jacket. A dressy bomber can be your BFF for life: Miami, LA, Vegas, summer, spring, fall – we can’t think of many occasions this is perfect for. 

Get all of these recommendations on our PINTEREST boards, and be sure to listen to every second of this latest episode HERE.

Stay warm! Don’t buy shit that makes you look like the Michelin Tire Man! Don’t sell a kidney! We are here for you, fashion-'splaining all the fashion insights for you, so that you can find the perfect winter coat this year. 

You’re Welcome!

- The FASHION CRIMES PODCAST, with your favorite personal stylist, Holly Katz 

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