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Fashion Crimes Podcast

Sep 29, 2023

Did you know that a person’s style and fashion sense (or lack thereof) can be linked to their emotional well-being?


In this episode, Your Favorite Personal Stylist, Holly Katz, shares a simple outline of what it means to have a sense of style, why it is important for everyone to have one, and how to develop your own style so you will have the CONFIDENCE to tackle just about anything your job, your social life or your personal life may throw at you.


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Next time you're out in public somewhere, just stop and look around. Take a moment to notice how people are dressed and what they are wearing. You'll see who looks dressed and put-together. And who doesn't. You’ll see people who are dressed with intention. And people who are not dressed with any thought at all.


Not that people who are dressed well magically have their life together. But what they do have is the knowledge of the importance of style. 


Person A is aware of the world around them, and how they are perceived by others. Person B is someone who does not have the confidence or enough knowledge to know the impact their image has on their daily life. And it is not their fault. 

“Your self-esteem is linked to how you feel about yourself, which totally dictates your style.”


If you listen to this podcast, you know it is Holly’s life passion to help people use fashion and style as a tool to get you ahead in life, not leave you behind. Style is subjective and different for every person. 


And if you listen to this podcast, or have purchased Holly’s book, you know she has some VERY SIMPLE steps to avoiding common Fashion Mistakes. 


Now that you have this very important information, and perhaps while you are waking up to your own sense of style, help a fashion bestie out if you can! Since you look fabulous already, and are getting fashion help every week, wouldn't it be nice for you to help somebody else look fabulous?


This is how fashion karma works. It is universal law. You can't just be sitting here listening, getting all this fashion knowledge, and keeping it all for yourself and let your friends walk around looking like a hot mess. Not. Okay.


if you love someone and you want to be the bestest friend that you can, then you want what is best for them. You're going to help them in any capacity you possibly can. And this includes giving fashion advice to those you love.


Send them this podcast! Buy them Holly’s new book! Help a fashion friend out if you can.




  1. Get out of your comfort zone. Or as we like to call it, your “Lazy style zone.”

  2. Identify your body type. This is critical. Real people are not supermodels. Find your shape and embrace it. 

  3. Get fitted and purchase the correct undergarments. You need the proper foundation for every single outfit. Period.

  4. Have a shopping plan. Don’t do all your shopping online. Go INTO A STORE and try things on! Once you get of sense of how things fit your body type, then you can shop online. Slowly build your wardrobe with the items you NEED.

  5. Follow brands and people on social media and follow or make Pinterest boards of the styles you like. (Follow Holly on IG and Pinterest for her easy style guides!)

  6. Talk to friends and family about you fashion interests. You can learn a lot from people who know you best. 

  7. Clean your damn closet out. Get rid of all the negative energy old clothes hold when they don’t fit well and remind you of that on a daily basis.


By following these easy steps, you will soon learn more about what you like, and want you don't like! After a while you will find that you are starting to like most your clothes. Then, people are going to start noticing something different about you. 


And finally, you will have more confidence about yourself, and feel good about yourself. Because you look good!


Now you are dressing with intention. This is not about money or designer labels. This is about understanding how having a sense of style – through clothing and accessories – can make a positive impact in your life. 


And this will become your new superpower.


In case you missed the WORLDWIDE RELEASE PARTY for Holly’s new book…. Holly has just published a new style guide: Stop Making These Fashion Mistakes! 


This style guide makes a great gift for those who need it, and those who don't know they need it. This will be a game changer for anyone who could be struggling with their style. This book was written for you! 


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Thank you for being our Fashion Besties! 


Xoxo –  


Holly Katz 

Your Favorite Personal Stylist, the Hostess with the Mostest AND the only Holly you need to know!