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Fashion Crimes Podcast

Feb 22, 2024

Greetings from New York Fashion Week 2024!


Join Holly Katz, your favorite personal stylist and the hostess with the mostest, fresh off the snowy streets of NYC with a sizzling new trend report straight from the runways of New York Fashion Week.


Buckle up for a whirlwind tour of avant-garde designs, breathtaking ensembles, and the trends you'll be donning this season Remember, fashion is not just about following trends—it's about finding your unique style.


Dive into the full episode for insights, laughs, and Holly's fashion trend report.


Designer Shows and Previews:


Bach Mai: The Royal Blue Revelation


Kicking off with Bach Mai, Holly dazzles in a royal blue silk gown by the designer, perfectly paired with gold Jimmy Choo boots. The collection showcased a vibrant mix of large prints, plaids, metallics, and ruffles, crowned with opera gloves for a touch of elegance.


Jonathan Cohen: The Art of Dress


Jonathan Cohen wowed with a collection that felt both timeless and innovative. From pintuck ladylike dresses to vibrant pencil skirts and leather boots, Cohen's signature florals and handcrafted fabric artworks painted a picture of diversity and style.


Proenza Schouler: A Symphony of Sequins and Fringe


The Proenza Schouler show stole Holly’s heart with a dazzling display that perfectly encapsulated the brand's innovative spirit. Holly was living for the sequined and fringed creations that graced the runway. Proenza Schouler has an unmatched ability to blend high fashion with wearable art. This show was a testament to the brand's dedication to pushing the boundaries of design.


Sally LaPointe: Hip & Happening Street Style


Sally LaPointe's school-themed show stole the spotlight with models stepping off a school bus, adorned in feathers, neon, and thigh-high boots. This streetwear-centric showcase was a testament to LaPointe's unparalleled cool-every. single. time.


Dell Scott Collection: Feminine & Flowy Fantasies


Holly highlights Dell Scott's feminine and bold womenswear, a blend of classic silhouettes with modern twists, where metallics and tulle danced together in romantic and bridal and party inspired designs.


Jason Wu: Timeless Elegance


Jason Wu's collection mixed sequins, shear, and those now-iconic opera gloves, presenting asymmetrical, off-the-shoulder tops and dresses. Wu continues to dress the stars, maintaining his reputation for classic, beautiful designs.


Evan Hirsch: The Transformative Talent


Evan Hirsch's video game-inspired collection featured transforming gowns that changed styles with a few snaps, a testament to his innovative spirit and creative genius. We love emerging talent. 


Trendspotting with Holly:


Girl Core: A trend that embraces all things feminine, from pink and ruffles to oversized Mary Janes. Think baby doll dressing and all things frilly. 


White Magic:  White is back with a vengence and takes center stage, from stark white to light ivory, showcased across various fabrics and styles.


The New Neutrals: Shades of brown, from latte to deep coffee and chocolate make a strong statement. Brown rules all this season and can be paired with most colors. 


Red Revival: Crimson and red lipstick make a bold runway entrance. Everything from red leather, silks and sheer embraced the runway and for sure is here to stay. 


Plaid Parade: Plaids of all types and mix and match for a fresh take on the classic pattern. Madras, tartans, and classic plaids are opposites that now look like they belong together. 


Statement Sleeves & Bows: Oversized sleeves and bows adorn everything, adding a touch of drama and femininity. 3-D and printed bows on shoes, tops, sweaters, jackets, and tights will be super popular and on-trend this season. 


Metallics, Florals, and Leather: These staples continue to dominate, with a special shoutout to fringe for an extra flair. Sequins during the day? Always. 



STOP THE PRESS: In the midst of the fashion frenzy, Holly Katz takes a moment to share a personal highlight – her stepson's upcoming wedding, bringing a touch of heartfelt warmth to the glitz and glamour!


Looking ahead, the Fashion Crimes Podcast promises to keep the excitement alive with episodes that will dive deeper into the trends unveiled at NYFW, featuring exclusive interviews with designers and style experts. These upcoming episodes are set to unravel the intricacies of fashion's newest directions, ensuring listeners are always in the loop with the latest and greatest in the fashion world.


Join Holly Katz as she navigates the wild world of fashion, bringing you the latest and greatest from NYFW. Remember, fashion is not just about following trends—it's about finding your unique style. Dive into the full episode for Holly's unforgettable fashion adventures and share with a friend who needs some fashion inspo!


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