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Fashion Crimes Podcast

Jul 21, 2023

We are so honored and thrilled to have our Fashion Bestie, Supermodel EMME, back with us on the podcast this week! She is here to share her favorite summer fashion picks and give us a short recap from our last show where we interviewed the winner of her “Fashion Without Limits” competition, Nina Chen.  


Go back to EP 152 and have a listen! 



EMME’s Favorite Summer Fashion Picks: 

Our BFFF (best fashion friend forever), EMME spent some time in Mexico this summer at Rancho La Puerta, a wellness resort in Tecata on the Mexican border - and as you can imagine - it was HOT and SUNNY!  


So, what are her secrets for beating the heat while staying in style?  


  • A large reed beach bag that she cannot leave home without. 

  • A large sun hat, long sleeves and clean-ingredient sunscreens! 

  • Anything linen. She says breathability is key, so go with the wrinkles if you are hot!  

  • Smocked Tops (you may even be able to go without a bra if you do it right). 

  • Any sort of tunic which will provide cool and stylish coverage – think Morocco. 

  • NYDJ skinny jeans. 

  • Gladiator sandals. 

  • Fresh pedicures (due to a “hiking toe”). 

  • Bathing suits that will stay on her body because she likes to move around in the water. Favorite swimwear brands include Anne Cole and Nautica whose designs bridge the gap between coverage and style 


Hot Tip: check out Swimsuits for All* for the best selection of women’s swimwear! 


*As we speak, Holly is wrapping up an interview at the SWIMSUITS FOR ALL headquarters in NYC. Stay tuned for that episode!



EMME’s vision for Fashion Without Limits Design Competition 

To recap: Supermodel Emme is a Division 1 college athlete who put “athletic curvy” on the map and rose to fame in the mid-1990’s as the world’s first plus-size Supermodel, and is once again shedding light on size inclusivity in the fashion industry.  


After beating cancer a few years ago, EMME felt strongly about creating a legacy project. The result of this vision was the creation of the Fashion Without Limits Design Initiative.  


Teaming up with her alma mater Syracuse University and online plus-size retailer OneStopPlus (OSP), the nationally recognized advocate for body positivity, health and wellness is promoting fashion inclusivity in the classroom with the 8th Annual Fashion Without Limits (FWL) Design Competition.  


Emme enlisted the help of fellow advocate and veteran plus-size fashion designer Zahir Babvani, head of design & style for OneStopPlus, to inspire a new generation of up-and-coming fashion designers to put their talents to work for the silent majority -- the estimated 70 percent of American women who wear sizes 12 and up! #FACTS 


Emme says that she created this competition to galvanize the design school community around the exciting career opportunities in one of the fastest growing, yet most under-served, segments of the fashion industry.   


The 1985 Syracuse University grad, athletic Hall of Famer, and Fashion Without Limits founder says, “Learning from successful designers like Zahir Babvani shows young designers that this is a rewarding career path. Syracuse University is at the forefront of making inclusive design an exciting area of concentration, giving tomorrow's designers the skills, and ability, to enact real change on the fashion landscape. We hope this program will become a template for other schools moving forward.” 


According to Emme, curvy women are professionals, celebrities, mothers, daughters and sisters.  


“All women want to feel special, confident, and secure in their clothes.  At Fashion Without Limits, we believe that love, happiness, and success have no size limits. Our goal is to offer fashion design students an inclusive curriculum that enables them to provide women of all shapes and sizes with the apparel they want and deserve.” – EMME 


It has been so fun catching up with the delightful EMME. We will continue to follow her Fashion Without Limits program, and her mission to change fashion for the better with size-inclusive styles.  #YAAASSSS! 


Thank you, EMME!  




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Holly Katz 
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