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Fashion Crimes Podcast

Jul 7, 2023

After a spectacular week of celebrating our 150th Episode last week, we are back this week to brag about the publication of Holly’s fashion advice recently featured on The Today Show website:   

Best Linen Pants for Summer!  


Believe it or not, Holly has not previously owned linen pants. #ummno

This is not surprising for those of us that live in Southern states – because - linen gets wrinkly before you can even start THINKING about wearing it. #Facts #Ugh


However, in doing research for this article, Holly was happy to find ‘linen-blend” options that she has totally warmed up to, and is now recommending.  


And, in the spirit of summer fashion, we are throwing in summer T-shirts, and even recommending appropriate summer flip flops on this episode (even though your favorite personal stylist may or may not have totally bashed this shoe option in a previous episode)! #Weeeeeee #LookNoHands! 


Summer Linens: 

Every summer, your social feeds are flooded with dreamy linen clothing options: White linen pants, linen shirt dresses, linen button-down shirts, etc.  


It all looks super cool, refreshing, flowy and fun - until you buy something and dare to try it on, let alone wear it somewhere and try not to get wrinkled.


You can hand-steam all you want, besties. This stuff will look like you’ve been sleeping in it for week the second you get dressed. #damn


So, if you want the linen look, and not the sloppy, lived-in look, Holly has your summer style tips all lined up for you here! 



Please go to the HOLLY KATZ STYLING Pinterest board to follow along visually:  



Repeat after Holly: Linen-blend is your summer friend, not your enemy. You can wear linen pants!


Regular linen is made of untreated, natural fibers that have not been bleached, colored, or treated in some way. So, there is nothing to keep it from wrinkling or to help it keep its shape. By finding a linen-blend, you will have a fabric that supports the linen look and feel, with minimal wrinkles.  



Linen pants, especially white linen pants, can tend to be sheer and see through. Make sure your pants fit well, (the linen look is loose-fitting), and please do not tell us you are wearing a thong panty without telling us you are wearing a thong panty, because your pants are see through. #Pleasecheck


Holly recommends sizing up when trying linen pants. Also, be careful how you clean your linen – an easy fabric to shrink!


Choose your linens wisely-here are the linen pant brands Holly recommends: All on the pinterest board!






Holly likes to classify T-shirts into these 3 categories: 


1.) Solids 

You do not need a T-shirt in every color. However, a crisp white T is always in style. Then you can add to your collection from there with a pop of color, or a muted neutral.  


Solid T-shirts are the FOUNDATION of your summer outfits. You will want to accessorize and dress it up from there.  


2.) Vintage and Graphic 

It is always on trend to wear any sort of vintage T-shirt, as long as it is in good condition- (think concert T-shirts, vintage brand or team shirts). This is a great option for collectors, or for those on a budget. Good condition means no rips, tears, smells, or stains.  We can’t believe we need to say that, but you'd be shocked. All 2nd hand and vintage tees need to be washed before wearing.


3.) College and Sport Teams: 

These types of casual T-shirts are a Fashion Crime - UNLESS you are attending or participating in “said” event.  This is where you can wear your swag, fly your flag and sport your team socks-but at the game and the game only.


It's not chic to wear college alumni shirts, sorority and fraternity letters, your high school baseball team shirt, etc. when you're not at the specified function that supports this type clothing. 


T-shirt brands Holly recommends:




How to wear: 


Accessorize your T-shirts with statement jewelry, a great handbag, a detachable collar, or just fabulous glam sunglasses. Wear under a jacket, blazer, jumpsuit, or sundress – anything sleeveless!  Wearing a vintage tee with a maxi skirt is Holly's go-to look.


Do not go cheap on T-shirts. There is a huge difference in fit and quality if you purchase in a ‘Box Store” vs. a higher-level brand.  


Be honest with yourself – if this is an item you wear constantly in your wardrobe, do yourself a favor and spend some money on quality fabric and fit. You won't regret it! T-shirts should be snug and not oversized. Make sure the fabric isn't too sheer! If we see nipplige or problem areas, the fit is too tight. #FashionOver40 



Okay, you didn't hear it from Holly, but flip-flops are something she grew up with like the rest of us. 

 What was once a $2 piece of rubber that you put on your feet, has now turned into items that luxury brands can sell for hundreds of dollars.  

Please take note that there are two kinds of flip flops: the ones that are rubber and cheap that you throw into your car when you need to get a pedicure and nice leather or designer ones that you wear in the summer. 


How to wear Flip Flops: 

We would like to explain, with your permission, the do's and don'ts of flip flops. 

Please do not, under any circumstances or for any reason, OR at any time or place on this planet, in this point of your life, wear flip flops with arch support.  #oldladyflipflops

This is a Fashion Crime: you are too fabulous at this point to walk around or stand all day in platform flip-flops. You know this, we know this, tell your friends this.  


Cheap, flat, rubber flip-flops are for the pool and the beach. That’s it.  


However, you can find lovely slip-ons and other sandals that will keep you cool in the dead of summer without looking sloppy or cheap. Dressy slip-on shoes and designer flip-flps go perfectly with shorts, short skirts, sundresses and dressy white jeans.  


Holly Favorite Flip Flop Brands: 




If you do it right, your go-to summer outfit can be as easy as flowy linen-blend pants paired with a classy T-shirt, accessories, and fabulous slip-on sandals or designer flops.



Thank you to a Fashion Bestie Jennifer on Instagram who wrote in to ask about how to find us on PINTEREST.   

To be honest, we refer you to the HOLLY KATZ STYLING Pinterest boards because she has been building and curating those fashion boards for her clients for many, many years.  

It is the best way to experience Holly’s talent for personal styling, as you can see her work in action for real clients – and for all the content on our episodes.  


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We are the best fashion friend you never you needed. We hope you have a fabulous fashion week ahead!  


Xoxo – Holly Katz 

You favorite personal stylist, the hostess with the mostess, AND the only Holly you need to know.