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Leadership Lab with Dr. Patrick Leddin

May 18, 2022

Y-Vonne Hutchinson is the CEO & Founder of Ready Set and the author of How to Talk to Your Boss About Race: Speaking Up Without Getting Shut Down. Y-Vonne believes in tackling big problems and that doing so requires big toolkits. Her company focuses on diversity and inclusion training to help companies to speak up productively about racism and turn talk into action.

Prior to launching ReadySet, she worked as an international labor and human rights lawyer for nearly a decade. She has worked with foreign national governments, the US Department of State, and the UN. She is a member of Harvard Law’s Institute for Global Law and Policy network and an expert on labor relations and diversity in the workplace.

Y-Vonne and Patrick discuss challenging issues including conflict, racism, crisis, personal trauma, and more. The topics are heavy (and so is the conversation at times), but you will finish listening and be energized to learn and do more.  Find out more about Y-Vonne’s work at