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Leadership Lab with Dr. Patrick Leddin

Apr 26, 2023

You won’t have a successful career!

That’s the starting point for this week’s podcast episode: Patrick reflects on a few recent articles and podcast interviews. He shares insights about persistence, the value of not knowing, and how to think through some of your career’s biggest challenges.

Patrick mentions the following podcast episodes in today’s discussion:

Episode 192: Change Your NOW to Create Your Future with Author Mirja Bang

Episode 191: Be Bold and Own Your Personal Brand with Carlii Lyon

Episode 189: Don’t Stop at “No” with Hint Founder Kara Goldin

Episode 188: You Were Created for this Moment with Darleen “Coach Dar” Santore

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For more than three decades, Patrick has led teams and studied leadership. His hands-on leadership experience has ranged from working with soldiers as a U.S. Army airborne infantry ranger-qualified officer to senior corporate leaders for KPMG Consulting and FranklinCovey to the owner of two start-ups. He is a Wall Street Journal bestselling author of The Five-Week Leadership Challenge. He is an associate professor at Vanderbilt University, teaching Corporate Strategy, Negotiation, and Crisis Leadership. He is also the Director of Vanderbilt University’s Practice of Business Studies.