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Leadership Lab with Dr. Patrick Leddin

Aug 2, 2023

In this episode of the Leadership Lab podcast, Patrick has an engaging conversation with renowned performance psychology, resilience, and leadership science expert, Dr. Jon Finn. With a remarkable career spanning over two decades, Dr. Finn has used his wealth of knowledge and experience, underpinned by three psychology-related degrees, including a Ph.D., to found the award-winning Tougher Minds consultancy.

Tougher Minds, under Dr. Finn's guidance, has successfully harnessed cutting-edge insights from diverse fields such as psychology, behavioral science, neuroscience, and even the practices of world champions to assist organizations in crafting robust "Habit Mechanics" and empowering "Chief Habit Mechanics"—this essentially translates to resilient individuals, inspiring leaders, and top-tier teams.

Dr. Finn’s extensive reach in training and coaching exceeds 10,000 individuals, including global businesses, rapidly growing startups, elite athletes, educational institutes, families, and the UK government, and even think tanks. Get ready to dive deep into the intricate world of psychology, leadership, and resilience in this episode, as Dr. Finn brings to the table a unique blend of theoretical knowledge and practical experience.

For more information about Dr. Finn's work and to access a treasure trove of free resources, you can visit But now, buckle up and prepare yourself for an enlightening journey into the mind of one of the top experts in the field of leadership science.