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Leadership Lab with Dr. Patrick Leddin

Sep 20, 2023

Patrick sits down with Bevin Ferrand, the driving force behind the idea of taking life's unexpected turns and molding them into a future that's big, bold, and undeniably wonderful. As the author of "Your Damn Manifesto: Discover the keys to personal transformation and bringing your biggest dreams to life," Bevin brings a refreshing perspective on personal transformation that's rooted in clarity, inspiration, and actionable steps.

Two major topics surface as the backbone of Patrick and Bevin’s conversation. First, Permission versus Support - Bevin delves deep into the concept of seeking permission versus seeking support. Why is it that so many of us wait for someone else's approval before pursuing our dreams? What's the shift we need to recognize our own power and lean into the strength of support? Second, write Your Damn Manifesto - Bevin discusses the importance of writing a personal manifesto – a clear and compelling declaration of beliefs, intentions, and desires. She shares insights into how crafting our own manifesto can serve as a roadmap to success, ensuring that we don't lose sight of our true north.

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