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Leadership Lab with Dr. Patrick Leddin

Oct 4, 2023

Patrick dives deep with Deb Macfarlan Enright into how we can all make a bigger impact in the world. Inspired by her family's legacy of selfless service, Deb has crafted a hub of expertise to empower those driven to tackle critical global issues like hunger, homelessness, and education disparities. Discover how Deb supports change-makers in disrupting the status quo and glean insights into the strategies, tools, and personal journeys that shape the world of social impact. This is a conversation about belief, determination, and the passion to "go do good."  Learn more about Deb and her work at

As mentioned in the episode, Deb is a Leddin Group Certified Guide. She’s able to take our leadership content + proven system to clients and partners. In doing so, she scales her business and her impact. Want to learn more about how Content + System = Scale? Go to