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Leadership Lab with Dr. Patrick Leddin

Jan 24, 2024

In a world where the job market is ever-evolving, crowded with talent, and increasingly influenced by AI, the question on everyone's mind is: How do I stand out? How do I become indispensable? These are crucial questions in today's professional landscape, and they deserve in-depth exploration and understanding.

This week, we're diving deep into these questions with CEO and Author William Vanderbloemen. Joining Patrick on his latest podcast, William unveils insights from his new book, "Be the Unicorn." Drawing from his extensive experience and over 30,000 interviews with exceptional leaders at his executive search firm, William has distilled the essence of what sets the best leaders apart.

"Be the Unicorn" reveals the 12 Data-Driven Habits that differentiate truly outstanding leaders from the rest. These aren't just theories; they are practical, proven habits backed by extensive research and real-world application.

Visit for more information and to take a self-assessment or check out William’s work at