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Leadership Lab with Dr. Patrick Leddin

Jul 5, 2023

Patrick’s Leadership Lab podcast guest this week, Imran Nuri, embarked on an incredible adventure: 84 days on the road, journeying across 48 states in the U.S., covering 15,000 miles, and gathering advice from 1,000 strangers. This captivating story is beautifully detailed in his new book, "Advice from America: Life Advice and Photos of 1,000 Strangers from 48 States."

As a leader, your role is inherently tied to people, and Imran shares valuable insights from his remarkable expedition to enhance your leadership skills.

A little about Imran: he's not just an author and a traveler but also a philanthropist who raised millions for childhood cancer research. He started a nonprofit that revolutionized giving, commanded the attention of thousands with his speeches, grown significant social media followings, showcased his artwork, designed websites, mentored students, and so much more. Imran’s zest for life pushes him to explore new hobbies and immerse himself in them. This quality, coupled with his versatile skills, makes him a valuable asset to any team and equips him to thrive in the face of new challenges. Learn more about Imran and order a copy of his new book at