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Leadership Lab with Dr. Patrick Leddin

Nov 1, 2023

Patrick joins Treion Muller to discuss what it means to be a "mutant learner" and how leaders can revolutionize their personal and professional growth. With over two decades of experience transforming some of the world's largest learning and development organizations, Treion brings a wealth of knowledge as a Chief Strategy Officer, CEO, Founder, and more. His insights are not just theoretical but are backed by hands-on expertise in steering companies and individuals through dynamic changes and digital transformations.

As Treion discusses key takeaways from his latest book, The Rise of the Mutant Learner: How to Learn and Lead Effectively in the Digital Age, he sheds light on the critical need for leaders to proactively take charge of their development journey. This episode isn't just about what you need to learn; it's about radically changing how you learn. Learn more about Treion and his work at

In the conversation, the time management expert, David Allen, was mentioned. David was featured in Leadership Lab Episode 140: Perceive Problems as Projects and Get Things Done With Bestselling Author David Allen. You can listen to that conversation wherever you get your podcasts or at