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Leadership Lab with Dr. Patrick Leddin

Nov 8, 2023

Patrick Leddin welcomes Scott Osman, CEO of 100 Coaches Agency, and President Jacquelyn Lane, for an engaging discussion on their latest book, "Becoming Coachable." Co-authored with the 100 Coaches founder, Marshall Goldsmith, this insightful work dives into the transformative power of executive coaching in reshaping leadership in life.


Scott and Jacquelyn unravel the essence of their book, emphasizing the need to be open to feedback, accountability, and change. how becoming coachable isn't just about absorbing feedback but about a profound readiness for change and accountability. The trio also delves into a critical aspect often overlooked in leadership – the focus on helping others flourish. They explore practical strategies and real-world examples from their experiences, illustrating how leaders can effectively inspire and uplift their teams, ultimately creating a ripple effect of positive transformation in both personal and professional realms.


In the conversation, Patrick mentions that numerous coaches from the 100 Coaches Agency have been on the Leadership Lab podcast. Here is the list of 20 guests (Liz Wiseman appeared twice) from the 100 Coaches who have been in the lab with Patrick.


Episode 001: Clean up Your Management Mess with WSJ Bestselling Author Scott Miller

Episode 003: Exploring the Power of a Multiplier with NYT bestselling author Liz Wiseman

Episode 027: See Around Corners With Bestselling Author Rita McGrath

Episode 024: Be Humble, Stay Curious, & Change How You Lead with Bestselling Author Michael Bungay Stanier

Episode 036: Lead with candor, competence, and coaching in tough times with Dr. Marshall Goldsmith

Episode 064: Reflect on How Attachment and Judgement Shape You with Prakash Raman

Episode 068: Explore Networking, Transparency, Purpose, and More with Bestselling Author David Burkus

Episode 075: Help Others To Win With Northwestern University Professor Paul Corona

Episode 094: Lead With Purpose and Grace Featuring John Baldoni

Episode 101: Realize the Benefits of Self-Awareness With NYT Bestselling Author Tascha Eurich

Episode 112: Revisit and Learn with Bestselling Author and Coach Dorie Clark

Episode 115: Build a Team of Impact Players With NYT Best Selling Author Liz Wiseman

Episode 117: Revisit the Power of Gratitude with Bestselling Author Chester Elton

Episode 122: Discover the Perfect Coach with Eddie Turner

Episode 125: Learn the Rules of Power with Dr. Jeffrey Pfeffer

Episode 127: Tap into the Success Factor with Dr. Ruth Gotian

Episode 130: Go from start-up to grown-up with bestselling author Alisa Cohn

Episode 131: Help people see what you’re thinking with author Todd Cherches

Episode 134: Grow yourself and your people with bestselling author Whitney Johnson

Episode 156: Discover and Live Out Your Core Purpose with Leonora Zilkha Williamson 

Episode 187: Help Your People Win with Garry Ridge, Chairman Emeritus WD-40 Company

Episode 198: Embrace the Seismic Shift in Leadership with Dr. Michelle Johnston

Episode 200: Become a Great Mentor with WSJ Bestselling Author Scott Miller