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Leadership Lab with Dr. Patrick Leddin

Nov 29, 2023

Randy Burns, the Chief Sustainability Officer and Corporate Affairs Officer at O-I Glass, joins Patrick to discuss leading change. Renowned as the world's leading producer of glass containers for a diverse range of food and beverage products—from wine and soft drinks to jams, pickles, and salsa—O-I Glass operates 69 manufacturing facilities across 19 countries. There's a high likelihood that numerous products in your home are encased in their glassware. Randy's mission is to navigate the delicate equilibrium between the company's aspirations, environmental stewardship, and profitability. His role encompasses strategic decision-making, persuasive leadership, and championing transformative initiatives at every organizational level. Randy illuminates the challenges leaders face while driving change and offers practical strategies to effectively tackle and surmount these obstacles. Join us for a deep dive into managing change, guided by a seasoned expert who grapples with these issues daily.

In this episode, Patrick mentions an interview with the master negotiator and author of “Never Split the Difference,” Chris Voss. The episode is “Negotiate as if your life depends on it.” Listen at