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Insider Secrets Real Estate by Mike Morawski

Dec 14, 2021

[00:46] Introduction to the guest, Brock Mogensen.
[02:12] Brock’s bio and current professional roles.
[03:00] One word that describes Brock.
[05:08] Putting in the work to get where he is today.
[06:26] Brock’s backstory and how he landed in real estate.
[08:31] Explanation on syndication and underwriting.
[09:49] Where Brock’s currently working and investing and what the market is like.
[11:37] Brock’s favorite asset class.
[14:13] Cap rate differences between multi-family and industrial.
[14:58] Underwriting strategy.
[17:21] Underwriting differences between multifamily and industrial.
[19:51] Brock’s underwriting course.
[21:22] Raising private equity as a beginner.
[24:05] Favorite technology platforms for business.
[25:20] Opinions on where the market is potentially headed. 
[27:15] How to get ahold of Brock, best resources.
[27:52] Bonus question round.
[29:01] Closing remarks.
Contact Info
Instagram: @brockmogensen 
Education platform: capital