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Insider Secrets Real Estate by Mike Morawski

Mar 22, 2022


[01:59] Today, I'm joined by my guest, Doug McCarty.

[03:29] In one word, what best describes you personally and professionally?

[04:35] Doug shares his backstory.

[06:58] So talk a little bit about triple-net, how that structure is set up, how that works for the typical investor, and then what you mean by second note?

[09:22] Right now, McDonald's is the largest land real estate landowner in this. Does McDonald's make its money in hamburgers? No.

[11:00] So let's go back and talk about the STRs a little bit.

[17:05] How did you figure that niche out?

[20:32] Hey, what was the defining moment in your life?

[22:56] Well-spoken. So obviously you didn't get sober on your own. Did you?

[30:12] Best book you’ve ever read?
[30:40] How about the best restaurant?