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Insider Secrets Real Estate by Mike Morawski

Nov 30, 2021

[01:55] Introduction to today’s guest, Daniel Blue,
[03:06] One word that describes Daniel personally and professionally.
[04:18] Where Daniel came from and what his childhood was like.
[07:14] A defining moment in Daniel’s life.
[09:51] Facing adversity and how it impacts you.
[13:00] What Quest Education is and what they’re doing now.
[15:48] Self-directed IRA’s vs. Solo 401k’s.
[19:03] Using your retirement account money to invest. 
[21:57] Active investing makes Daniel cuss.
[26:37] How Quest Education can help you with your money.
[28:21] Daniel’s ‘Insider Secret.’
[30:18] Advice to new investors.
[31:23] Bonus question round.
[32:59] How to best contact Daniel.
[34:38] Closing remarks.