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Insider Secrets Real Estate by Mike Morawski

Sep 19, 2023

Key Takeaways

Real estate touches the lives of many people, making it essential to consider the human side of the business.

We've successfully turned properties with crime issues into safe and welcoming communities.

Providing quality housing that tenants love and find sticky can significantly reduce vacancy, a major cost in multifamily real estate.

Focusing on emerging markets with job growth is essential for successful real estate investments.

Consider markets with minor league sports teams as they indicate a growing economy and potential investment opportunities.

Single-family rentals can offer excellent cash flow and tenant stability, but the stress involved can be challenging.


[00:38] Intro to Podcast

[02:10] Intro to episode guest

[03:16] One word that describes Matt personally and professionally.

[04:45] Matt shares his background.

[06:10] Have you always been in multifamily, or did you start out on the residential side?

[11:05] What are some of the fundamentals that you look at before you look at the deal in that market?

[16:43] So when you say residential, is it all apartments or are you in the single-family space also?

[28:12] We could talk about building relationships all day long, but how do we build those right ones? Who are the people that we need to build those relationships with?


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