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The Josh Potter Show

Nov 29, 2022

Papa Roach coming at you with an all-new solo ep this week!


Topics for today:

Tom Segura pranks Josh

Nick Sirianni gets Queef of the Week

Pippen and Jordan are back (kinda)

Qatar World Cup drama

Family Thanksgiving festivities go awry

Black Friday death toll tapers off

Jay Leno’s return to the stage



Nov 22, 2022

Hellooo, Roaches! We have a HUGE episode for you this week with comedian Justin Martindale (@justinmartindale)!

The long-awaited p***y chip taste test
Taylor Swift takes down Ticketmaster
Who belongs on the Mt. Rushmore for pop stars
Justin’s NFL picks
Nikita Dragun
BIG Shauney and Emily (mannequin guy)...

Nov 15, 2022

Papa Roach is flying solo this week to bring you:
A fantasy football conundrum
Jeff Saturday's debut
More broadcaster mishaps
Mike Pereira caught on camera
Sussell trolled by the half NFL
A British man commits rhymes-with-"threw aside" on stream
Arizona teachers fired for filming OnlyFans in school
An Elmira man escapes...

Nov 8, 2022

This week, Josh welcomes actor and comedian Adam Ray (@adamraycomedy) to the Roach Motel!

Plus a telephonic drop-in from broadcasting legend Steve Levy!

Topics include:
Cooper Rush
Magic Johnson
RIP Aaron Carter
Reese’s P*nis Butter Cups
Some truly romantic wedding vows
Sussell Watch

Get more Adam Ray on the About...

Nov 1, 2022

This week, Josh welcomes actor and comedian Johnny Pemberton ( @Johnny Pemberton  ) to the Roach Motel to discuss:
Larry Bird
Stephen King
Going to school at Florida State
Why preseason games exist
Choosing a hockey team
Kanye’s rants
Micah Parsons helps a fan
Antonio Brown trolls Tom Brady
Yoga and body...