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The Josh Potter Show

Apr 26, 2023

Adult film star, Jane Wilde (@wildesexual_ ) hangs out at the Roach Motel to talk about Josh’s mental health and dad’s who voted for Obama on an all-new The Josh Potter Show.




  • Josh’s Hustler Debut


  • Josh’s Best Friend calls the show


  • Lying on Twitter


  • Florida Gators (again!)


  • Sandy Hook Vs...

Apr 19, 2023

Stand-up, actor, and all around nice guy Johnny Pemberton (@johnny_pemberton) returns to the Roach Motel to prank some kids and plant some seeds on an all-new The Josh Potter Show.



  • Josh’s Red Bull Love


  •  Doomsday Prep


  • Dating Young


  • Nepo Baby: Sports Edition


  • Anthony Bass’s Family...

Apr 12, 2023

Roach Motel regular Sara Weinshenk (@princessshenk) check’s-in to talk about surviving and thriving in Austin on an all-new The Josh Potter Show.




- Rudy Gobert Fights!


- Bad Wedding Proposal


- Updating the Little Mermaid


- Home theater Bomb


- Assault with a Fish


- Dalai Lama kisses


This week's...

Apr 5, 2023

Scammers and athletes are sliding into Chase O’Donnell’s (@chase_odonnell) DM and Josh keeps getting (April) fooled.


- Handicap Layup

- Dodger Dogs

- Fake Porn Podcasts

- Principle Hanky Panky

- Chase gets canceled

- Rag doll love

This week's music is "Salty Sammies" by Griff Parker

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