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The Josh Potter Show

Jun 28, 2023

Kim Congdon @kimcongdon figures out what an Old Country Buffett is while Josh talks up Tom Cruise movies on an all-new The Josh Potter Show.



  • The Buffet Wars of ‘97


  • Congdon Sisters Out on the Town


  • Pickled Sports Announcer


  • UPDATE: Zion Williamson’s Many Ladies


  • Josh’s Vanilla Sky


  • Blind...

Jun 21, 2023


Dr. Drew Pinsky (@drdrewpinsky) and Josh talk about the old days of radio and try not to get thrown into Youtube jail on an all-new The Josh Potter Show.



  • Radio killed the Radio Star
  • UPDATE: John Sterling Cam
  • Dr. Drew’s Special Forces
  • Mailbag: A.I. Escort Request
  • Coffee, Extra Cream
  • Puppy Love
  • Head #7
  • Cancer...

Jun 14, 2023

Josh trolls himself by mistake and sings a couple national anthems on a Star Spangled episode of The Josh Potter Show.



  • Bill Murray Drinks a Milkshake


  • Wine in a Glass / Poo in the Grass


  • Retirement Home Fight Club


  • John Sterling Ball Cam


  • Castellanos’ Curse


  • White House Open Mic


  • We Love Fat...

Jun 7, 2023

Roach Motel VIP Sara Weinshenk (@princessshenk) stands in line for Nintendos (twice) while Josh gets stuck in a well on an all-new episode of The Josh Potter Show.



  • Swifty Union


  • Derrick White's Hairline


  • Like a Telephone Pole


  • You Were a Well Boy?


  • Inmates and the Female (Guards) Who Love Them