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The Josh Potter Show

Sep 27, 2023


Josh talks a whole lotta’ CTE and more on this solo flight episode The Josh Potter Show.


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-  Swifties vs. Roaches UPDATE


-  Cool Darth Vader


-  Heroic Tailgating


-  Kiddie Carjacking


-  Doo Doo Delta


-  Weekend At Sergio’s


-  Too Many...

Sep 20, 2023

Chase O’Donnell (@chase_odonnell) checks into the Roach Motel for a saucy dramatic reading while Josh flirts with his mid-life crisis on a friendly episode of The Josh Potter Show.





-  Swifties vs. Roaches


-  Remembering Bush’s America


-  Aaron Rodgers


-  Conspiracy Chase!


-  OJ Simpson: Never...

Sep 13, 2023

Alexis Fawx (@alexisfawxlive) checks into the Roach Motel to clean her glasses while Josh really pushes the nice boy clock on a watch-this-drive episode of The Josh Potter Show.





  • Gaybama


  • NBA2k15


  • Foster Child Season


  • Catching an Astroid


  • Hiding the Goods


  • Painting Clown Faces


This week's...

Sep 6, 2023

Kurt Metzger (@kurtmetzgercomedy) and Josh figure out how to gamble, suss out autistic coaches, and have a few for Labor Day on an all-new episode of The Josh Potter Show.





  • Karens!


  • Jonathan Gannon Motivational Speaker


  • Beat the Spread


  • Golf Wife


  • Gendered Plane


  • Tip over the bucket