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The Josh Potter Show

Oct 25, 2023

Mike Feeney drops by the Roach Motel to talk about his new special and cover the news with Josh on this final episode of the Josh Potter Show???


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-  Flesh Eating...

Oct 18, 2023

Josh tries not to singe his chest hair as Kirsten puts him to the test in a brand new game on this spectacular new episode of The Josh Potter Show!


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-  Fast Food Follies


-  David Njoku


-  Romance In Macomb


-  Bad Bored Judge


-  Shotgun...

Oct 11, 2023

Josh gets a visit from Eleanor Kerrigan to talk about her baseball career, rotting from Skankfest, how to ride the subway, and much more on this savage episode of The Josh Potter Show.


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-  Mascots Gone Wild


-  Tarnished Trophies


-  Tim McGraw’s...

Oct 4, 2023

Josh and the booth crew cruise through the dangers of open marriage, the worst aunt ever, and plenty more on this week’s The Josh Potter Show.


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-  Patriots Fan Funeral


-  159,000 Love Texts


-  DeMarcus Cousins


-  Grand Theft Golf Cart


-  The...