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What exactly lies beyond the treacherous and previously impassable Canadian glacier? Robert W. Chambers, today on The Classic Tales Podcast.

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Today’s story is by Robert W. Chambers, whose most famous collection of short stories, The King in Yellow, influenced many writers of weird fiction in his day, including H.P. Lovecraft.

I’ve taken the liberty of naming today’s story, “Beyond the Broken Glacier”. It comprises chapters 6 to 8 in his book In Search of the Unknown. This book consists of several stories about strange, fabled and unknown creatures encountered by a secretary of the Zoological Gardens in Bronx Park.

We heard the first story in this collection a while ago: “The Harbor Master”, which inspired the film The Creature From the Black Lagoon. The story has some playful humor, and also touches on the lost world genre with I am rather fond of. I hope you enjoy it.

And now, Beyond the Broken Glacier, by Robert W. Chambers.


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