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A “shop-girl”, a thief, and a drunkard each encounter a crisis of conscience. How will they measure up? O. Henry, today on The Classic Tales Podcast.

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O. Henry wrote over 300 short stories, and was coined the American equivalent of Guy de Maupassant. The O. Henry award is given out each year for outstanding short stories. This was his medium, and he used it very, very well.

The stories in today’s episodes I’ve dubbed “Crisis of Conscience: Regular People and Uncomfortable Decisions” because that’s the thread all three of these stories have in common.

The first, An Unfinished Story, I really love for the craft of writing involved. In only half telling two stories, O. Henry delivers a clear and powerful message. I think it’s quite amazing.

The other two stories are more typical narratives, each setting up folks who are trying to get back up on the straight and narrow, and their terrible wrangle with the most evil adversary of all – hope. Let’s see how they do.

And now, Crisis of Conscience: Regular People and Uncomfortable Decisions, 3 short stories by O. Henry.  

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