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Will the joys of the Araby bazaar live up to the hype, or is this enthusiasm possibly misplaced? James Joyce, today on The Classic Tales Podcast. 

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James Augustine Aloysius Joyce lived from 1882 – 1941, and is widely considered one of the most important writers of the 20th century. He contributed to the modernist avant-garde movement, and stream of consciousness writing. His most well-known works include The Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man (1916), Finnegan’s Wake (1939), and Ulysses (1922).

Today’s story was published in the short story collection Dubliners in 1914. It centers around a coming-of-age narrator who is infatuated with his friend’s sister, and promises to get her something at the Araby bazaar. 

There are several themes touched on in Araby, many of which recur frequently in Dubliners. The meeting of imagination with reality, the consequences of idealization, The Catholic Church’s influence to shame desire and sensuality, among others. There is also a focus on the pain one feels when encountering love in reality, rather than in its idealized form. 

And now, Araby, by James Joyce.

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