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How will mother respond when she learns that a new barn is being built where she’d been promised a house? Mary E Wilkins Freeman, today on The Classic Tales Podcast. 

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Mary E Wilkins Freeman (1852 – 1930) was an American author who wrote in a variety of formats, including novels, short stories, and children’s poetry. She is known for her strong voice in defending the plight of women. 

Today’s story was published in her most famous work, A New England Nun and Other Stories (1891) I discovered it in a book published for high school English students in 1920. I just wanted to point out a couple of things about this story. Note that in the beginning, no names are used for the characters – their roles are emphasized first, then the names come after a while. 

Also, in the beginning, when the mother and daughter are discussing father’s behavior, mother says: “You hadn't ought to judge father, though. He can't help it, 'cause he don't look at things jest the way we do.” Notice how this one line sets up everything that follows.  

And now, The Revolt of Mother, by Mary E Wilkins Freeman.

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