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Why does Mr. Lavington insist that his nephew remain in the brutal winter of New England, defying the diagnoses of many doctors? Edith Wharton, today on The Classic Tales Podcast. 

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Edith Wharton wrote several ghost stories in the early twentieth century. Today’s story was first published in 1914. She believed a good supernatural tale should, “ send a cold shiver down one’s spine”, but not resort to conventional descriptions of ghosts and similar spirits. In this way she is similar to her contemporary and friend, Henry James. 

The craft of the Victorian Ghost Story is evident in the subtle way the atmosphere is crafted, and the suspense gently builds. Notice how Mr. Lavington is described. His smile is fixed on his face. “His intense personality has permeated every corner of his dwelling, in an occult way.” It’s one of those stories you want to listen to again once you’re done, to see what you missed. I hope you like it. 

And now, The Triumph of Night, by Edith Wharton.

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