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Everyone says Henry’s wife, Phoebe, has died. But to Henry, she’s still alive. Theodore Dreiser, today on The Classic Tales Podcast. 

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Theodore Dreiser was a leading figure of a new literary movement in America, replacing the observances of the Victorian days with new social problems that reflected the industrialization of America. His best known works are Sister Carrie (1922), and An American Tragedy (1925). 

Dreiser’s works are far from perfect, and tend to get longer as you read them. However, like many who brave new paths, the writers before Dreiser were remarkably different than those who followed him. While perhaps not a perfect guidepost, he nevertheless showed a new path and took a few wavering steps.

The Lost Phoebe is the only one of Dreiser’s titles in the Classic Tales canon. I’ve tried to return to him over the past 16 years and it just hasn’t worked out. Strange, because The Lost Phoebe has some absolutely masterful moments. 

And now, The Lost Phoebe, by Theodore Dreiser.

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