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Enter the tormented mind of a prisoner in his quest for hope in a world of darkness. Edgar Allan Poe, today on The Classic Tales Podcast. 

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Edgar Allan Poe. This master of the short story was such a pioneer, defining the sleuth mystery, expanding the realm of science fiction. And of course, he gave us the definitive canon of horror stories. 

Today’s story was published 180 years ago, in 1843. There are no supernatural elements in the story itself. The realism of the story is enhanced through the reported sensations of the narrator. It’s a thrill ride, moving from one thrilling episode to the next. It seems as though Poe is experimenting with the effectiveness of several devices to create a desired thrilling effect.

16 years ago, this episode rocketed The Classic Tales Podcast to the #3 Top Podcast in Apple Podcasts (then iTunes). Let’s see how it holds up. 

And now, The Pit and the Pendulum, Edgar Allan Poe. 

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