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What does Evie discover when she finds the cursed, closed cabinet – open? Anonymous, today on The Classic Tales Podcast. 

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The Vintage Episodes of The Classic Tales Podcast are in full swing – every Monday and Wednesday. Monday we’ll have The Baron of Grogswig, by Charles Dickens, and on Wednesday, The Ambitious Guest, by Nathaniel Hawthorne. It actually takes quite a bit more work to release three episodes a week instead of one, so if you’d like more Vintage Episodes, please go to and become a supporter. And thanks for your support! 

This week continues our story by Anonymous of The Closed Cabinet, jointly narrated with Nancy Peterson. 

Last week, we met Evie who is visiting her esteemed cousins, the Mervyns, who live on an ancient estate with a wicked history. Featured in this history is a room with a closed cabinet, where it is rumored that a girl died when she slept there 150 years ago. Events so fell out that Evie has to stay in this room for several nights. Each night she has terrible dreams. 

Note how Evie’s reaction to the elements helps to move the story along, and adds to the supernatural nature of the story. It’s a small step from reacting strongly to the wind, to reacting to other invisible things. 

And now, The Closed Cabinet, Part 2 of 3, by Anonymous. Narrated with Nancy Peterson.  

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