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How can Jimmy convince Molly’s pugnacious father that he is not, in fact, a professional burglar? P.G. Wodehouse, today on The Classic Tales Podcast. 

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Well-to-do Jimmy broke into a house on a bet. He got help from Spike Mullins, a penny larcenist who happened to be burgling Jimmy. Together, they broke into the house of the grafting police captain, Mr. McEchern, who coincidentally was the father of the girl Jimmy had been smitten with on his recent steam ship travels. 

A year later, Jimmy is in London, and is invited to stay at the country estate of Lord Dreever, a penniless noble with a moneyed and intimidating aunt and uncle. Due to an oversight, Jimmy must walk from the train station to the estate, and who should he meet on his way but Molly McEchern, the very girl who had so impressed him on the steamship, and whose father’s house he had bunglingly burgled. 

And now, The Intrusion of Jimmy, Part 3 of 7, by P.G. Wodehouse.  

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