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May 17, 2024

Unshakeable peace and boundless bliss are your birthright, says Rebecca Quave in her conversation with Mystical Messages host Hilary.  To work with Rebecca is to experience a deep, organic shift in your Being, rather than adopting a single mindset, positive thinking or good-vibes band aid. 

“You are the center of a ripple,” states Quave.  “Your ripple extends beyond what you’ve even been aware of, because your leadership changes and uplifts people who then create plenty of their own ripples.  Your impact will last beyond your lifetime.  At the center of it all is your state of Being. 

Your state of Being is the crown jewel of your life.  As soon as you start treating it that way, everything changes.  To bring more power and harmony to your ripple, you don’t need to twist yourself into a pretzel with more strategies, tactics or plans about how to create harmony.”  Tune into this episode to learn about how remarkable Rebecca offers pivotal redirection to attain long-sought quality of life shifts.


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