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Frank Michael Smith Show

May 31, 2022

Frank Michael Smith & Lou Curcio share something they're excited and worried about for the Pittsburgh Steelers, Penguins, and Pirates.

You can find Lou on Twitter @awallpgh92

May 25, 2022

Frank Michael Smith & Jack Farber chop it up in the following order...

Feelings about entire NBA Playoffs

NBA Finals & award predictions

Most annoying person at airport

Most annoying type of asset

Most annoying sports fan

Most annoying people/parts of social media

May 18, 2022

Frank Michael Smith & Brett Anthony Urso choose "the most annoying" for these topics...

1. Rule in sports

2. Type of girl to go on a date with

3. Type of guy to golf with

4. Part of your morning routine

5. Way to lose a sports bet

6. City in USA

7. Person in sports media

8. YouTuber

May 6, 2022

First 10 mins -  Jack Farber (@juice_business) joins Frank to talk NBA Finals favorites

Second 10 mins - Frank and Jack discuss the grim state of the American economy.