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The Way Forward with Alec Zeck

Mar 26, 2024

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 In this episode, Alec engages in an enlightening conversation with Carey Wedler, a prominent content creator focused on dismantling authoritarian programming and advocating for peace, freedom, and decentralization. With a background as a journalist and editor-in-chief for the now-banned Anti-Media, Carey brings a unique perspective to the intersection of spirituality, self-ownership, and voluntaryism.

Key Discussion Points:

 Evolution of Political Views: Carey shares her journey of political evolution, discussing the reasons behind her shifting perspectives over time. From her initial beliefs to her current stance on democracy and top-down violence, Carey delves into the complexities of political ideology.

 Challenges of Democracy: Explore why democracy itself may be inherently flawed when it comes to addressing systemic issues and top-down violence within society. Carey challenges common perceptions and offers insights into alternative paths forward.

 Breaking Illusions: Carey discusses the illusions present within our government and societal systems, highlighting the need to break free from ingrained beliefs and perceptions. Through critical analysis and self-reflection, Carey advocates for a deeper understanding of our reality.

 Cultivating Compassion: Dive into Carey's emotional and mental journey towards cultivating compassion for herself and others. She shares valuable insights on navigating negative emotions such as anger, fear, and panic, especially concerning government actions, and emphasizes the importance of empathy and understanding.

 Self-Reflection and Projection: Carey explores the significance of putting oneself in others' shoes to better understand their mindset and experiences. By catching oneself from projecting emotions onto others, Carey advocates for greater empathy and connection in society.


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0:00 - Ep 80: Self-Ownership in Mind, Body and Spirit

1:03 - Introduction

7:06 - Blame Shifting Approach To Government

15:20 - Getting a Better Option

24:34 - Waking Up To Problems With Government 

32:48 - Peeling Back The Bad Arguments Of The State

43:30 - True Nature Of The Law

54:32 - Individuals Making Individual Choices

1:02:47 - Importance Of Compassion In Evolution

1:10:42 - The Negativity Bias

1:14:44 - Voter Trauma Projection And Its Effects

1:21:28 - Compassion For People Engaging In Negative Movements In Freedom Community

1:25:20 - Closing Thoughts