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The Way Forward with Alec Zeck

Apr 13, 2024

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 In this episode, Alec engages with Brandon Bozarth, founder of Integrated Somatic Inquiry (ISI) and expert in Germanic Healing Knowledge (GHK), discussing biological conflicts and symptoms.


Key Discussion Points:

Discovery of Falsity of Germ Theory: Brandon explains the discovery and implications of the falsity of germ theory.

Real-Life Examples: Brandon shares examples of client’s physical symptoms and their healing journeys.

Personal Healing Journey: Learn about Brandon's experience with physical ailments and sustainable solutions.

German New Medicine (GNM) Basics: Discover how GNM resolves biological conflicts at the root cause level.

Emotional Experiences: Explore the mind-body connection and the role of emotional experiences in healing.

Resolving vs. Dissolving Conflicts: Understand the difference for holistic healing.

About Brandon Bozarth:

Brandon Bozarth, founder of ISI, addresses mental/emotional suffering and physical disease at the root cause. With extensive GHK knowledge, he has helped 1,000+ clients globally, resolving issues like depression, cancer, anxiety, and more. 

Check out Brandon’s course, The circle: beyond root cause healing. Learn the psychosomatic root of mental and physical disease and how to resolve it:

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0:00 The Truth About Symptoms & Resolving Biological Conflicts

1:30 - Introduction

11:05 - Basics of German New Medicine

19:45 - Indigestible Morsels and Emotions

27:40 - Understanding Healing 

37:15 - German New Medicines Views on Poison 

42:30 - Deeply Rooted Events and Finding Resolution

53:45 - Different Paths To Healing

57:16 - Dissolving vs. Resolving Conflicts

1:18:24 - Plant Medicine Integration

1:28:50 - The Reasons For Experience

1:33:02 - Closing Thoughts