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The Aliquot Preview

Apr 18, 2023

Your skin is a crucial barrier to the outside world – the first line of defense against environmental exposures, and the primary means by which the body retains fluids necessary for survival. Consequently, maintaining a healthy skin barrier is important for your overall health. 
In this Aliquot, I describe some things you can do to protect your skin and possibly prevent wrinkles, too.
  • (00:00) The role of UV exposure in skin aging
  • (00:19) Strategies for reducing the effects of photoaging
  • (00:40) Preventing photoaging with hydrolyzed collagen
  • (02:41) Cocoa for improved circulation and cognition
  • (09:39) The connection between sugar and skin damage
  • (10:18) Why exercise and glycemic control prevents wrinkles
  • (11:57) Rhonda's skincare routine
  • (14:04) Can skincare prevent senescence?
  • (15:06) Collagen vs. hyaluronic acid
  • (18:39) Marketing vs. science in red light therapy
  • (21:21) The effect of heat on absorption properties of skin
This episode features a variety of segments from various episodes of our members Q&A series: Q&A #11 (cocoa)Q&A #13 (toxin absorption through skin), Q&A #35 (sugar intake), Q&A #38 (skin cell senescence)Q&A #41 (collagen supplementation), Q&A #42 (my skincare routine).
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