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Wellness By Design

Nov 17, 2022

Are you losing more hair than you’d like? Even though there is no absolute cure for some types of baldness (or alopecia), natural or conventional, there are many things you can do naturally to hold off hair loss and enhance the health of the hair you do have. Join me and my guest, functional nutritionist Julie Olson and genetics expert Selena Rothenberger, to learn more you can take to support and rebalance your metabolic, immune, and inflammatory systems to get healthy hair once again and revitalize your health.

In this episode you’ll learn:

⏰ 6:58 Hair follicles are organs: the four root causes of hair loss, take the quiz!

⏰ 11:36 Addressing hair health from the inside out: the importance of gut health

⏰ 12:13 Fecal transplants as a tool for hair regrowth

⏰ 16:23 We aren’t a victim of our genes when it comes to our hair 

⏰  25:19 The role of MTHFR gene variations

⏰  28:14 Things you can do to encourage hair growth: protein, vitamins, massage and silk pillowcases 

⏰  34:38  Essential oils for healthy hair: rosemary, peppermint, frankincense

⏰  36:19 The ONE thing you can do today to upgrade your health

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Check out Julie Olson’s Bio:

Julie Olson is a triple Board-Certified nutrition expert whose mission is to help women restore their health, H.O.P.E. and hair loss naturally so they look and feel their very best! With more than 10 years of experience, along with her training in Functional Medicine, Julie has collaborated with functional and integrative practitioners and she has transformed thousands of women’s health and hair. Founder of Fortitude Functional Nutrition and the Women’s Hair Loss Expert, Julie is known to skillfully investigate, discover and communicate root cause resolutions to regain health and naturally regrow hair. Julie has used these same strategies to personally overcome her own health struggles of hair loss, digestive issues, and autoimmunity. 

Julie Olson’s gift and link:

E-Guide: Natural Hair Loss Solution, Prevent Further Hair Loss and Regrow Hair Without Medication. Includes: Root Causes; Why Address ASAP; Hair Loss Types; How Gut Dysfunction Leads to Hair Loss; 5R - Phased Approach for Hair Restoration; 10 Steps to do NOW for Thinning Hair; When You're Ready to Test, not Guess!

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Hi there! I am Jane Hogan, the Wellness Engineer, and the host of Wellness By Design. I spent 30 years designing foundations for buildings until the pain and inflammation of rheumatoid arthritis led me to hang up my hard hat and follow my heart. Now I blend my backgrounds in science and spirituality to teach people how to tap into the power of their mind, body and soul. I help them release pain naturally so they can become the most wonderful fine version of themselves. 

Wellness By Design is a show dedicated to helping people achieve wellness not by reacting to the world around them but by intentionally designing a life based on what their own body needs. In this show we explore practices, methods and science that contribute to releasing pain and inflammation naturally.

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