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Wellness By Design

Sep 23, 2021

Did you know kombucha has amazing health benefits? Join me and my guest, Hannah Crum, the Queen of Kombucha and founder of Kombucha Kamp and Kombucha International. 
Hannah’s free kombucha recipe guide and brewing logs: ​​

In this episode you’ll learn:

⏰ 5:29  What exactly is a SCOBY?

⏰ 11:49 What to look for when buying commercial kombucha

⏰ 16:46 Health benefits of kombucha

⏰ 18:40 How kombucha helps the gut

⏰ 22:09 Hannah’s free gift and upcoming events at Kombucha Kamp

⏰ 27:04 Should anyone NOT drink kombucha?

⏰ 31:02 The ONE thing Hanna says you can do today to upgrade your health

⏰ 33:16 Fun Kombucha flavours 

Hannah’s Kombucha FUNdamentals course:

Check out Hannah’s Bio:

“My first glimpse of Kombucha came from my college friend's kitchen. I wasn't able to try hers because it wasn't done quite yet, but that magical blob had me running to the nearest Whole Foods to purchase my first bottle. My love for this mystical brew outgrew my budget, so I decided to start making it myself. Once I found out how good Kombucha makes me fee, I went all-in on providing cultures and education to others who wanted to make their own. Fast-forward 20 years later and now I'm a master brewer at several restaurants in LA, I'm the president and founder of the nonprofit Kombucha Brewers International, contributing author on multiple publications, and owner of Kombucha Kamp since 2004!”

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