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Wellness By Design

Jun 27, 2024

Struggling to find your inner wisdom or connect with your soul, especially during tough times? Feeling overwhelmed, disconnected, or struggling with self-love? Join me and my guest, Elaine Glass, to learn more about her new bestseller, "Get Quiet," which is your guide to finding inner peace and clarity, and healing!


Jun 20, 2024

Can a six-pack help you heal? With 24+ years of education and clinical experience, Dr. Ryan Wohlfert has helped thousands correct their spine, improve energy & longevity, eliminate dependence on medication, and make simple, healthy, pain-free living possible. In this Episode, Dr. Ryan shares how to apply his 6-pack for...

Jun 13, 2024

If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, or another autoimmune condition, then please tune in to this episode … it could be life-changing! In this episode, I’m sharing the  things I wish I had known right from the start that would have made my healing happen so much faster.


Jun 10, 2024

Did you know the brain can be trained to reverse symptoms of chronic fatigue, Long Covid, IBS, pain, autoimmune conditions, sensitivities, and many other conditions? Join me and my guest Ashok Gupta, founder of the Gupta Program app, to learn more and experience a brain retraining exercise. 



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