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Confessions Of A Crappy Christian Podcast

Nov 29, 2023

Today on the podcast, Eric Swithin, the founder behind the Fatherless Epidemic documentary and the Alliance for Ending the Fatherless Epidemic, joins Blake and dives deep into his personal journey and the mission to address America's greatest epidemic. Motivated by his own childhood wounds from growing up fatherless, Eric discusses the profound impact and staggering statistics—18 million children in the US without a father figure, underlying reasons, and the societal repercussions. He emphasizes the benefits of the nuclear family and addresses emotionally absent fathers. Eric advocates for a return to God's design and the church's pivotal role in ending fatherlessness, pointing out societal hesitations, church dynamics, and the urgent need for action.

Ultimately, Eric passionately underscores the need for collective action, urging churches to step up, take responsibility, and re-engage in a mission to heal broken families and communities affected by fatherlessness.

In this episode, you’ll be able to:

  • Explore the origins and impacts of the fatherless epidemic in America, delving into its multifaceted causes and the staggering statistics surrounding father absence.

  • Understand the role of the church in addressing this issue and how initiatives like the Alliance for Ending the Fatherless Epidemic are collaborating to offer solutions and support.

  • Witness a passionate call to action, challenging individuals, churches, and communities to actively engage in creating change by embracing God-centered family values and taking practical steps to end the epidemic.


To connect with Eric:


Instagram: @thefatherlessepidemic